Deadman’s Cay Long Island, Bahamas

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Ophelia's Rent A Car offers island wide car rentals for Long Island, Bahamas, offering free pick up and delivery to and from Deadman's Cay airport.
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Long Island Bahamas is known as one of the most pleasant, friendliest and welcoming warm weather destinations in the world.

A popular tourist destination, the island still boasts of its original tranquil charm; enticing new comers, visitors and tourist to return, build a second home and mingle in nature’s most outstanding environment with the most friendly, hospitable natives and island friends.

As one of the Archipelago of beautiful islands in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas, Long Island is famous for Crawfish, Scale Fish, Farming, Livestock, Construction, Boat Building and many other entrepreneurial private ventures.

Long Island’s most fascinating attractions include Historical Sites, Ancient Church Architecture, The Museum, Cave Tours, The Deepest Blue Hole in the world, Annual Sloop Sailing (Regatta) Bone Fishing and Columbus Land Fall Monument.

You are invited and welcomed to experience and share in nature’s overwhelming beauty here on Long Island.

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